Wednesday, April 26, 2017


What is Hope? Hope is the ability to see your goal and go for it no matter what everyone tells you about it. even if they say you'll never be able to do that you still strive to get it. having hope can get you far in life. Gandhi never gave up his hope but instead he continued to hope. He was never an idol that everyone looked  up to but instead he used to be a loser. Hope comes from the mind i believe that everyone has potential all they need to do is Hope in themselves. I dont believe that someone can give you hope i believe that we have to get our own Hope and we need to look for it in our selves.  Hope can be restored in many way but the most effective for me is to just sit down relax and take time to reflect on all the mistakes and think of a way to fix the mistake and try again when I can. Sometimes its best to let go of your problems rather than hold on to them. Hope can be threatened by anyone they can destroy your hope if you let them but if you just brush it off you can get back up and try again. if they do destroy your hope just remember that they are more hopeless than you are because they have no hope.

Friday, March 17, 2017

#5 Omelas

In the story of "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" the Author talked about this Utopian society that is almost perfect and there is no crime or killings. No one judges anyone for their looks or personality but everyone is accepting to others and what they believe. Like every city there is its flaw. The flaw to Omelas is that there is this kind of scapegoat child in a basement that is malnourished and neglected by others  and eats a very disgusting meal everyday and has to sit in its own waste. Every time the So called owner of this child comes to visit he or she brings a guest form the city. Most of the guests feel guilt but know they can not do anything. This city relates to today's society because there are so many problems in this country. For example Islamophobia is a serious issue today and lots of people know this is happening but seem to ignore it and believe that nothing can be done but just watch the horror happen in front of their faces. Muslims are being killed because they wear a hijab on their heads or just believe in what they want. When these people are killed the killers are called mentally ill but when a Muslim kills someone they are called a Terrorist. I am not saying that the killing is good but i am trying to say that these labels should not be put on because we make assumptions. When kids see the child they dont go they just keep walking until they are out of the city. The children are trying to run away from the reality and most of the people today do that today to just mask is. On the Media there is always a follow up with something nice after a terrible event to try and mask it. Omelas is supposed to be the best place ever but there is a secret that keeps it as it is. The child in the basement has been outside before he was in the room. The child is basically used as a Scapegoat because if the child is taken out of the room the perfect place is going to be just like normal. All the children leave omelas because they are in shock because the little child is what is keeping omelas happy.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Happy #3

Image result for happyToday I watched a Ted Talk on happiness and Laura Trice talked about the gratitude we need because we are human. Trice talked about the meaningfulness of saying thank you and asking to help people. Trice is trying to explain that we need to nice to every one in our own homes then we can talk about accomplishing world peace. First we need to resolve the problems under our own homes. Trice talked about a boy that was never told that he was doing a good job but his sibling were so he felt worthless. Giving someone the time they need can mean the whole world to them.making others is likely going to make you happy because you now know that they appreciate you. appreciation is a very under rated word and action Appreciation is acknowledging others for their accomplishments and even if its a very small accomplishment.  Trice has explained that we are humans and we need attention just like anything else. Trice is not trying to say that you should only help others and not yourself but you should help yourself as much as you're helping others. When you are already helped then you can go off and help as many people you want and make them appreciate you and their day. When you help someone dont tell them to repay you but tell them to just pass it on. This will then continue these random acts of kindness. If you ever see someone by themselves go up to them and have a conversation because they will know that someone does care about them and they are not alone in this world.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Self Control

I believe that I have self control because if you were to put a Marshmallow in front of me while I am hungry and told me you can eat it right now or wait 15 minutes and you'll get another marshmallow. I would wait. I know that if I just wait for a little while I would get more in return. If i were to eat it right away I am still going to have to wait till the person comes back so might as well wait for the other piece. For some people this doesn't make any sense that is because they want instant gratification instead of delayed. The people that do wait for something better are looking at the future because they know it will benefit them because they will achieve more than just eating it right the second the person gave it to them. People that take eat the marshmallow are looking for instant gratification while the ones that wait are delayed gratification. In the long run you're going to eat the marshmallow but it depends on how long you wait because you can get two instead of one. Patience is key to the experiment. NOT many people have the patience to do this experiment and their the one who eat the marshmallow just to get the experiment over with so they can continue on with whatever they were doing. This experiment showed that the ones who ate the marshmallow were less successful in school than the ones who waited for the second marshmallow and had higher grades.

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Social Justice

    It is important to value social Justice because social justice is the change of our future. If we just pass by it as if its not there we are never going to have change in the corruption in our era. Our never give people to speak they dont let anyone say what they want they just ignore them and push them off to the side. Social Justice is here for us to help our voices be heard and for people to actually listen to them and not just ignore US. The youth may only be 13% of the population but is 100% of yours and my future. We need the voiceless to speak up. There are lots of problems now that are being attempted to be solved. For example the Black lives Matter is the fight for the end of police brutality specifically toward different colored people. another problem and is very big is Feminism; Feminism has been fighting ever since the early 19th century the purpose of the movement is to provide equality to women and to have the same rights as men. women often get underpaid just because they are a female and this should not be happening. There is a most recent one with the new president of the United States Donald Trump is the so called boarder that he is planing on making. This plan and the riots are fighting against the deportation of Latinos. this has not taken place yet but people are speculating this idea of Donald Trump.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Summary And Reflection On Gilbert's Talk

Gilbert talked about how sometimes things that we think would make us happy dont really make us happier at at all more than something worse. Gilbert conducted test that had them take pictures and then pick their best two pictures and send them to somewhere else and never see it again. Another group had to do the same but this time they had no choice but had to give their pictures away. Gilbert wanted to see if the people that had a choice compared to the ones that didn't felt better about their pictures. After the test he stayed and still monitored the photographers. Gilbert came to realize that the ones that had a choice didn't like their picture at all but the ones that had no choice loved their picture. He came to conclude that when you think that you lose everything you get happier. This happens because your brain makes simulations that can induce happiness to someone. i believe that when you do lose something you love and you get over it you can get happy because now that  like a weight on the shoulders that have been relieved. But if you hang on to something you get really sad because that person is not used to being without the thing. Image result for happy

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


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I am not always happy but when I am I'm usually around family and friends. I believe that friends and family make me happy just being around them and talking to them can really cheer me up. The little things in life are the ones that me the most happy because its not everyday that someone will do that thing for me. I really enjoy the small things in life as big things. I look at the small things as big things because not everyone can do the biggest and best for you so they do what they can and they put all of what they have to give it to you and sometimes you just have to appreciate what they give you even if its something you didn't want you still have to appreciate what the person has done for you. I believe that you should always be thankful for what you get no matter how small or big the activity or gift is. Many people dont like things that are small and dont appreciate. When i was younger my mom would take me and my brothers to the store and we were each able to get one big thing or two small thing and although it wasn't the best thing in the world I still enjoyed it. It wasn't everyday that my mom would do that it would be once every month so that made me appreciate it even more.